Entrepreneurism with AVON

This is Jaquice not your average stay at home mom, she is an AVON entrepreneur

I have been an entrepreneur intermittently since 2003. I have worked for various organizations as an independent contractor with long term (a year or more) contracts but since 2009 I have been truly solo. And have built a business first as a maker of diaper cakes (hence the name Cutie Booty Cakes) with a blog, to a lover of social media who has retired from the baby shower gift business and grown in the new media space. 

There are many other women like me who have the entrepreneurial spirt and start their own businesses. As a matter of fact, there are more than 6.5 million AVON Representatives worldwide who are receiving support from AVON to start their own home-based businesses with a network of women, all united by the motivation to empower one another  and gain financial freedom.  One of these AVON representatives is Jacquice. 

Jaquice joined AVON in March of 2010 because she had a difficult time finding a full time position ad needed an income to supplement her husband's earnings. She is a stay at home mom and she is able to manage her business while taking care of her three year old son. Before embarking with Avon she polled her husband's co-workers asking them for brands that they trusted for health and beauty products and Avon won hands down. With only a $10 start-up cost, a new Avon representative was born! 

As a result of working with AVON Jaquice says: 

"AVON has provided me the opportunity to make a little money and stay at home with my son during precious moments in his life. It has also given me the chance to meet more awesome women and everyone's story is different…I meeting and helping those who allow me to help them." 

She notes that with the income earned from AVON she is able to keep gas in her car, pay her own car insurance, buy new clothes for her son and treat him to special outings. She also mentioned that her  husband is her biggest support and she doesn't think she'd experience as much success with AVON without him. 

I have to add that I think Jaquice's lovely demeanor, smiling face and helpful attitude have also contributed to her success. I have had the opportunity to watch her in action and it is obvious to me that not only is she a great sales woman but she also serves as a wonderful mentor to new AVON representatives who she recruited. 

I will provide you with a snapshot of her daily grind in an upcoming post and in the meanwhile for more information about AVON and opportunities to own your business you can visit Avon on facebook. 

Disclosure: I am an AVON ambassador and have been compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


Great article. I am toying with the idea of joining the AVON Team.
Tracey Fisher said…
Great post! Nice to hear how a fellow Avon rep and direct seller can find success. Gives me inspiration to continue to work on my business. Thanks for sharing.

Justin Fisher said…
If I may I'd like to share some info for all the Avon entrepreneurs and fans finding success today. There is a new Theme in the google play store designed by me specifically for you. We entrepreneurs must look out for one another!

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