Disney's Marathon Medal

So, I have yet to do my first marathon but I am in training for my first, the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of October.  In January the Disneyworld Marathon will be held. Now, I've run the Disney Princess twice (it is on my birthday weekend, how could I not?) but have never done the Walt Disney Marathon weekend. In 2013 the Marathon will be celebrating 20 years and of course the bling (I run for bling) will be major! Which led me to thinking that perhaps, I will do two marathons in my lifetime for the bling! Well, the bling was released yesterday and I must say it is worth running for!

She is a beauty! The medal actually spins and has inspirational quotes from Walt Disney etched on it. Something tells me that I'll be adding another marathon to my race schedule.....


AmandaDufau said…
I'm so tempted to register for the Disney Marathon. That medal is SWEET!! The major thing holding me back is that hefty registration fee.

I may just see you there....;)

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