Back to School Supplies for under $25!!

My mind is still reeling because summer is over and school will be back in session on Monday! Actually in reality, the summer is far from over in HOTlanta but that doesn't keep school from starting. As I prepare my son for going back to school it is necessary to purchase school supplies.

I was given a challenge by Walmart to purchase a book bag and fill it with up to $25 of supplies. The beauty of this challenge is that not only was I able to buy all of my son's supplies but I was told to purchase a 2nd one and donate it. I am so happy that not only is my five year old ready for kindergarten but I was able to give the additional book bag to a 7 year old boy whose mother is having financial difficulty right now. It is such a blessing to be able to help the family in this way.

Since I made my purchases prior to school orientation I was a little worried about what to include in each boys backpack. However when I arrived at Walmart I realized that my worries were for naught because school supply lists for all grades were available (for individual schools)!

I choose an angry bird book bag for my son and added the following:

2 boxes of crayons
1 pair of child scissors
2 early writer pencils
Water soluble markers
Construction paper
Pen/pencil box
10 pack pencils
2 glue sticks
3 reams of copy paper
3 boxes tissues
A crazy haul for just under $25!!!

For the 7 year old

10 pencils
Pen/pencil box
2 composition books
2 Avenger themed notebooks
2 spiderman notebooks
2 packs of loose leaf paper
2 packs of thin markers
2 erasers
2 glue sticks
2 packs of crayons
1 pack of washable markers
1 pair of scissors

And yes, all of this was under $25! I truly enjoyed the ease of shopping, the school supply lists were so helpful! Now my son and my friends 7 year old are prepared for school!

Disclosure: I'm a Walmart mom and I've been provided with products andorra compensation for this post. As usual all opinions are my own.


Carla said…
I'm so excited about my daughter returning to school and my son transitioning from daycare and to a center with a curriculum. And they're just as excited as I am.

I think it's simply remarkable that you were able to assist a child in need. I had some extra money due to me and my budget that I put into place earlier this year, and I was able to purchase a few supplies for a child in need. It's a wonderful feeling. (:

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