Back to School: Box Tops, Labels for Education and Scholastic

My son on the first day of school lunchbox filled with BoxTops products

Unbelievably school is back in session and after a wonderful summer my son entered kindergarten with a classroom full of children.  He is not enrolled in a new school, he remains in the same building on the same hall that he has been in for the past few years but this time, his class is filled with thirteen other students. I worry a bit because this is the largest class he has ever been in but I have faith that he will learn all he needs to in the coming year. 

To support the academic environment in this small private school I am participating in the Box Tops program. I am on the Box Tops blogger panel and it is my hope that I can encourage more parents to participate in the program during this school year. It certainly helps that many of the products I rely on are not only available but highlighted at Walmart. While shopping for the new school year, I purchased products that have Box Tops - many with bonus Box Tops. 

These products cost $25.00 and I was able to secure 16 Box Tops for a total donation of $1.60 for my son's school. Each Box Top is worth .10 cents and I will turn them in so that the school can submit all of the collected Box Tops together. In addition to the purchase of products, you can also gain BoxTops by visiting the Walmart Box Tops facebook app.

In addition to the Box Tops program by purchasing specially marked Kellogg's products you can earn free books from Scholastic. All you have to do is enter the codes on the packaging in the Walmart facebook app

And finally Walmart supports the Labels for Education program. It is the oldest of all the programs and allows you to use labels from products purchased for school equipment. I remember the program as the Campbell's labels that I collected in school. At Walmart there are some products that have bonus points during the back to school season. 

As you stock up for Back To School be sure to look out for products that will benefit your school by utilizing one or more of these programs. This is an easy way to make a difference in you child's school! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and was provided with product and/or compensation for this post. As usual, all opinions are my own. 


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