Shrimp Pho

I am a huge fan of Pho, a Vietnamese soup that is adored worldwide. The key to Pho is the broth, traditionally it is made from beef. I have been frequenting a local restaurant that specializes in Pho and enjoy it tremendously. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the Shrimp Pho I'd been eating almost weekly had a beef base. For most people this would not have been an issue but I am a pescatarian and beef is never on my menu. However, the soup is so good, I said - heck with it, I've been eating it this long with no problems, I'll continue. 

Despite my resolution to keep eating Pho, since learning about the beef broth I haven't returned to my beloved restaurant. Each time I've eaten Pho, I've thought to myself "this seems like a simple dish" but I never searched for recipes online. Yesterday I was in the grocery store and saw a Vegetarian pho base in the natural foods section and without hesitation picked it up. I'd actually been looking for miso soup when I stumbled upon the Pho which in my opinion is a much more interesting soup. 

The pho was extremely quick and easy and if you are looking for a meal that is sure to satisfy and fill your stomach, I highly recommend it! 



Vegetarian Pho base (if you are a meat eater the beef broth is also available. If you are feeling especially ambitious you can make your own)
Rice Noodles ( I use Pad Thai noodles)
1/4 pound large shrimp

1 lime
fresh basil
fresh cilantro
1 jalepeño pepper (seeded if you like heat, remove seeds for a milder flavor)
green onions
bean sprouts (I left them out in my soup)
Sirachi hot sauce 


Cook rice noodles according to directions I used half of a 8 oz package. 
Place 2 cups of Pho base in small pan, cover and bring to boil.  Once boiling add shrimp, cook until shrimp are red. 
Meanwhile, clean the shrimp and slice peppers and onions. 
Slice lime in half, quarter one half and juice the other. 
Add noodles to Pho base. 
Transfer to bowl(s) for eating. 

Add condiments of your choice to your soup, I used all of the above with the exception of bean sprouts. I really enjoy my Pho hot and spicy so I was liberal with the sirachi and I left the seeds in my jalepeño. Enjoy! In my opinion this is enough soup for one but if you are willing to share, it could be two servings. Any leftover soup I just put in the refrigerate and reheat for later. 

From start to finish the recipe took me about 15 minutes to make. And since Pho is my favorite soup when I am under the weather this is the perfect quick meal! I guess my body knows what it wants because last night my throat became scratchy and I am not feeling well at all. Pho for dinner and again for breakfast - for the win!!!! 


Tia said…
Looks wonderful, can't wait to try it!

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