Serta iComfort mattress review - a dream come true!

You may remember when I announced a new bed was coming into my life. Well, I have had the absolute pleasure of sleeping on my Serta iComfort mattress for several weeks now (I had to get a feel for it before posting my experience) and I have to say, I am ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY In LOVE!!!!
I no longer have nights of tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable spot. My bed literally cradles me like a baby and I sleep like one! 

This mattress conforms to my body and I have to believe the cooling gel in the mattress is working because I no longer wake up wet with perspiration - yes, that may be a little too much information but I have a tendency to sleep hot. This mattress has cooling gel that is supposed to help and it does! 

In addition to all the loveliness of the mattress I have the adjustable base. There are several pre-set positions - computer/tv, lounge, and zero gravity.  Gone are the days when I have to place numerous pillows to find a comfortable position to use my laptop in my bed. Although the positions are preset, I usual just adjust it to my mood - yes, I have the ability to raise or lower  my head to my own specifications! 

My absolute favorite position is zero gravity, utilizing the massage feature. Yes, you read that correctly, my bed massages me! In the zero gravity position my legs are elevated higher than my head and I put the massager on full body (yes, you can designate your feet, head or both for massage). Joy. Absolute joy I tell you! 

I am sure by now you can imagine how difficult it is for me to get out of my bed. If I could I'd stay there all day, napping intermittently between work and eating. I know without a doubt this is the best bed I have had in my entire life....wish you were here to experience it with me! 

Check out my bed in action - my son loves it as much as I do:

To get all of the specifications about my bed - the iProdigy and the other Serta mattresses in the iComfort line click HERE. 

This bed has changed my life and it can change yours too! Serta is currently running a 120 day in home challenge, purchase an iComfort and try it out. See if you like it! 

Disclosure: I was received product and/or compensation for writing blog posts and my experiences with the iComfort mattress. All opinions are my own and believe me when I tell you, this is a damn good mattress!


Twana Culver said…
Sounds like you really love your new mattress! What’s not to love it if it has that much features? It would also be hard for me to get out of the bed if I have a mattress like that. You’re certainly lucky to get a chance to review the mattress. Well, if it’s that comfortable for you, then it can certainly be called your dream come true!

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