Thursday, July 26, 2012

Running to Resolve

If you are friends with me on facebook then you are likely to be familiar with my running photos. After every run I snap a photo and post it to my profile. This one is from today after I completed a 4 mile run. I'm in the midst of training for several races, including the Black Girl's Run Drive to End Hunger 10K. Speaking of the race, have you registered? It it is sure to be fun and it is coed so if you are a guy sign up too! 

Anyhow, inevitably after I post my photo someone will comment that I looked refreshed and smiley after every run and how is that possible? Case in point....

The answer is pretty simple. My past two years of running have been cathartic. I first started running to mix up my exercise regime and at the end of each run was just happy to have completed it. Two years later I still feel the same way after each run. It doesn't matter if I felt horrible during the run- usually those days generate the biggest smile from me! I smile because I feel a sense of accomplishment, I've done something that is entirely selfish and just for me. 

Generally I run with music, I like to have tunes to guide me along the way. Many years ago I ran sans music but haven't been compelled to in recent times. This weekend I had the misfortune of having to replace my phone which meant backups and saving to iClouds and I don't know what else. Needless to say my phone is still not right and it houses all my tunes! So, rather than play around with my phone I decided to just go ahead and run. 

Running without music gave me time to truly think. The only noise was from the cars around me and things going on in my head. As I ran I realized....up until this week, I was running away.  Running away from the problems in my home, running away from having to think about all my responsibilities, just running. Music blaring and mostly carefree. But all good things must come to an end and when I ran 6 miles without music yesterday all sorts of thoughts and emotions started bubbling to the surface. 

This run unlike any other took me through a FULL range of emotions. I cried, I smiled and just took the opportunity to feel. I know it is said running is cheaper than therapy and it is true! I made a huge breakthrough. In the past I was running away but now I'm Running To Resolve

It is important for me to deal. I am undergoing life changes and keeping myself distracted has not helped me, the inevitable emotional onslaught has just been delayed. So for now, I am going to keep running at least an hour without music. I am able to process things, brainstorm and yes, even shed a necessary tear or two. 

I've always maintained that running keeps me balanced and now I am digging even deeper! 


YUMMommy said...

I'm glad running has more than physical benefit for you. I ran track in high school and have to agree that it is very therapeutic.

BessieAkuba said...

wow. beautiful. I always say that running has been my therapy.BUT, I have never been able to run without listening to music like you've been able to do. I think I may just need to begin and take it to the next "level"

Tia said...

Wow. You look great after running! After working out I normally look like a hot mess! Like the previous commenter said, I can't run/walk without my steps, I'll give it a try on my next walk/run.

tanika said...

I love this. Thank you. I have a deep desire to run longer. I feel compelled to press pass the thoughts that tell me I can't because those are the very thoughts that I need to overcome in order to be successful in this area of my life.

Debt Free Divas said...

Great post. I am just getting started...trying to regain my body after the birth of my son. Thanks for the motivation!

Carla Brown said...

You are brave to run without music! Running has become therapy for me too but I wouldn't dare go without music. LOL

acurrie83 said...

Wow I can completely agree that running clears the mind but I have trouble running without music.Maybe I'll try it again.

Hope E. Reid, D.C. said...

Great post! When I run without music, sometimes the noises in my head are a huge distraction but eventually they fade. Then I'm able to think clearly. I'm a member of BGR!Tampa and running is definately therapeutic!

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