Breakfast is Served

I know we've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day....and it is! I know that many people don't have the time, energy, etc. for breakfast but think about it. After a full night of rest, dinner at 7 pm or earlier, your body has not had any fuel for at least 12 hours! Are you feeling sluggish in the mornings? Perhaps missing breakfast is the culprit! Eating breakfast also helps keep your metabolism going at a good clip. The easiest breakfast in my arsenal is a shake. I like it because it is quick and easy and I can add a ton of protein which will keep me feeling full. 

When I was checking out Walmart's Meal planner, I found a recipe for a smoothie that looked pretty good but I had to "doctor it up" and just used the recipe as a reference. Instead of regular yogurt I used chobani greek yogurt,  it has 14 grams of protein! I also added two scoops of Aria protein powder and I used chia seeds. By the time my shake was finished it was packed with almost 40 grams of protein! In addition to the protein, I also added Dole frozen berries. A very nice and easy way to top off my shake. 

I entered my "pumped up" version of my shake to the Walmart "I made this" area on the Meal Solutions facebook app. My version potentially can be used as a Chef of the Week feature. In addition to finding my shake inspiration,  I like the meal planning aspect of this app.  I can browse recipes, make a shopping list and pick up everything I need when shopping at Walmart. 

I've been inspired to try all different types of smoothies now and not just for breakfast. I've been doing a kale green smoothie and although it has a taste that may take some getting used to, I know it is good for me and it certainly fills me up! Smoothies are becoming a regular part of my diet and I am getting better about having my breakfast too! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and I've been compensating for sharing this information with you. 


YUMMommy said…
I love smoothies! My mom gave us a blender for Christmas and I've been a smoothie making machine every since! They're a great way to get your vitamins and proteins. Not to mention on the mornings you're running low on time, they're quick to make!
Cristeen said…
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amy said…
The smoothie looks great!

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