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I have the distinguished honor of being chosen as a Box Tops for Education Blogger. I am thrilled with this opportunity because it provides me the opportunity to meet Box Tops enthusiasts and share the wealth of knowledge that I gain about the program especially as it pertains to members of the African American community. 

As a Box Tops Blogger I participated in the National Box Tops for Education University at General Mills headquarters in Minneapolis. During the conference I learned so much about this program. Each session lasted for twenty minutes, was jam packed with information and I certainly feel prepared to help my school coordinator with the program and hopefully I will also have the opportunity to spread the word about this awesome program to the two public elementary schools in my area. 

If you are not familiar with Box Tops (I only recently learned about the greatness of this program) it is a fundraising method for schools. I know you may be thinking - "oh no, not something else that will have me selling something for my child's school!" In fact, Box Tops is one of the easiest fundraisers because you don't have to sell anything at all! You simple purchase products that have the Box Tops symbol (each Box top is 10 cents) and turn them in to your child's school.  Box Tops are on products that you are likely already purchasing - everything from Hanes products, to Ziploc bags and of course food! General Mills started this program and it has expanded greatly. 

Recently when we were at the grocery store my son asked for Cascadia Farms bars and I was pleasantly surprised that Box Tops were on the package. Cereals like Cheerios (my favorite) are also in Box Tops. As a matter of fact, General Mills has over 200 products with Box Tops! 

Acquiring Box Tops is not limited to in store purchases. As a matter of fact, Box Tops has an online marketplace and I'm sure many of the stores that you shop online are included! Simply make your purchases by utilizing the Box Tops website and your school will benefit! You can also earn Box Tops by simply clicking, no purchase necessary! 

This is a program that provides funds to schools that can be utilized without restriction! Some schools purchase technology, others help defray the cost of field trips, some provide classroom supplies. The options are endless! With the diminishing resources for "extras" at schools this program is truly a blessing and worth participating in. During BTFE University, I learned that some schools raised several thousand dollars with this program.  As a matter of fact, since 1996 $475 Million has been raised by schools including $74 Million raised last year! 

My only question to you is What are you waiting for? To find out if your school participates simply visit the Box Tops for Education website. If you find your school but haven't been involved - do so this year! Start collecting those Box Tops! And if your school is not listed, sign up to be the coordinator, talk to your school administrators and start a campaign now! Box Tops is a wonderful program that can certainly benefit our children. Join today! 

Disclosure: As a Box Tops for Education Blogger, my transportation, accommodations and food were provided by General Mills. All opinions are my own. 


We do box tops here! The kids' classes at school have contests for them every month and while I don't clip coupons, I totally save box tops! (I also go online to earn them, too.) We love General Mills- my grandparents retired from General Mills. So many good memories.

YUMMommy said…
Love Box Tops for Education. It's a great way to help schools get merchandise that they really need but may not can afford due to budget cuts. I really wish more parents here in the QC supported this at our Black schools because they could really use it.
Stacie Sayz So said…
This is such a great program for our schools. Glad you had a good time in the "Minneapple". I would have loved to meet you all.

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