The Summer of Love!

Today is the first official day of summer and I am both excited and brimming with possibilities for all of the things that this summer will bring. I am fully focused on love of self this summer (and for the rest of my life) which means some things need to change. 

I have lived in my house for five years and to date, only two rooms (the nursery and the guest room/office) are painted. The nursery (now big boy room) is fully furnished and decorated but that is pretty much where all of my home design ends. Inspired by my new bed, mattress and quilt, I've decided that this summer I am going to change my house into a home. I will begin with my bedroom sanctuary. 

I want to engulf myself in muted lavender walls to ensure a restful sleep and have playful accents of yellow - sheers, my bed of course and I'd like a seat at the foot of my bed. The new furnishing I'd like for my room also include a chaise lounge and a bookcase for my myriad of books which now reside on the floor. Although I do love my kindle, I still have an extensive book collection that I'd like to showcase. 

No television resides in my soon to be oasis - well, there is a television that has been dead for almost three years but it is collecting dust in the corner! This summer my focus is on surrounding myself with love, peace and light. I can't think of a better place to start than my bedroom! As changes are made I will post updates and the love will be evident! 


YUMMommy said…
Can't wait to see all the changes. A muted lavender does sound very peaceful.

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