A toast for Mother's Day!

If you don't follow me on facebook (you totally should by the way, I post there ALL the time!) you don't know that my motto is "I run to drink!" Yes, I enjoy adult libations and since alcohol has calories, it is important for me to run and exercise to make up for the calories I like to drink. So, it is totally appropriate for me to raise my glass this Mother's Day to all the women that I love. I am toasting with the amazing Concannon Glen Ellen Reserve 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon.

It is so smooth and robust, just like moms. And honestly, I truly enjoy it. Here is my video toast, I named as many friends as possible but it is totally impossible to name them all. Just know, that if you are reading this, I am toasting to you.  I appreciate you, your support and of course your devotion to your children. And if you can, I highly suggest having a glass or two to celebrate yourself this Mother's Day! 

Disclosure: I was sent a bottle of Concannon Cabernet Sauvignon for my toast and believe me it is really, really good. I truly recommend it! 


Bossy said…
Love lurve loff you, and Bossy toasts you back. So honored!
Well I am big on sweets. So you would probably be turned off that I will drink Cab and eat plain M&Ms at the same time. That's my guilty pleasure and I need to start running. I stopped by to subscribe. I saw you in the Jet magazine. Congrats to you. Happy belated Mother's Day to you too. Thanks for the toast ;-) I'll check you out on FB too.

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