Pre-K Graduation

Unbelievably, my son graduated from Pre-K last Thursday. This very well may not seem like a milestone but I have to tell you, it absolutely is a milestone. My son turned five last Monday and graduated Thursday. Five years ago I gave birth and over the years have watched my son evolve into the beautiful, strong, opinionated and intelligent young man.

During the graduation my son and his classmates demonstrated many of the skills that they've learned during the school year. I smiled as they reviewed shapes, months, days of the week and recited Bible verses. As they sang Onward Christian Soldiers and This Little Light of Mine, I smiled with delight. My son with his nervous energy looked over to me for approval and I encouraged him with a head nod and thumbs up.

After the graduation, we met in his classroom for snacks and I was amazed by the lovely scrapbooks Miss  Tracy prepared for all of the students. Photos from all of the seasons, coloring pages and handprints were included in this book. It brings tears to my eyes as I type because his teacher is so thoughtful and caring.

My contribution to the celebration was a lovely cupcake cake from Walmart. It was stunning and the cupcakes were eaten pretty quickly. Because I had to assemble it in a hurry, I didn't place all 36 cupcakes on the display but it still looked inviting and the graduation cap on top is actually a miniature cake.

This graduation is one that I will not forget and this Fall my big boy will be in kindergarten. Where did the time go?

Disclosure: I am a Walmart Mom and was provided with product and/or compensation for this post. 


A. Smith said…
A big thumbs up from me too - what a wonderful accomplishment.. congrats!
Mr Lady said…

He. Is. Adorable. In every way. Congrats, big dude!
Altax said…
Thumbs up and congrats!!!

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