Waiting for a New Serta Mattress....

I’ve had my current mattress for almost 10 years. That is about 2 years past the lifetime of a coil mattress and I. Can. Tell. For a couple of years springs have been hitting me in the back and I toss and turn trying to get a good night of rest. Although it looks perfectly fine on the outside, laying on it tells the real story. So, earlier this year I decided that not only would I buy a new mattress but I’d also buy a new frame because again, although my bed looks pretty it is on it’s last legs. Literally! I have had to pick it up off the floor a couple of times after sitting on it the wrong way and knocking a leg off. Frustrating? Yes! 

Shortly after I made the decision to invest in a new bed and mattress I received an email asking if I was interested in working with Serta. Honestly I didn’t read the entire thing, all I could see was NEW MATTRESS and I immediately responded with a resounding YES! Although I have been blessed with opportunities to work on many great campaigns with different companies, this particular one literally seems like manna from Heaven!

I am eagerly awaiting my new mattress - so eager in fact, that before I’d even signed my contract I went and tried out several Serta beds on my own. This weekend I plan on actually having a personal consultation, choosing a mattress and then waiting two weeks for delivery. If you didn’t know (I didn’t) Serta makes all of the mattress to order! So my new bed will be made exclusively for me! I know I will be choosing a bed from the iComfort line....I’ll tell you more about it when it arrives but can you say “massage and adjustable” three times fast? Yes. I am anticipating hours of rest and relaxation in the near future. 

While you are waiting for me to wax poetic about my new mattress (believe me, this will happen because I KNOW I’ll love it) you can check out the new Serta Mattress Heist on facebook. What is that? Well, the sheep are once again upset that they are no longer needed to help folks get to sleep because of the marvels that are Serta Mattresses. So, they broke into Serta Headquarters and stole the Perfect Sleeper mattress. If you visit the facebook page you will get weekly clues to help find the mattress and win prizes! The grand prize is a Serta Perfect mattress! Check out facebook, solve the mystery and be entered to win. I’ll be waiting patiently to tell you about my new mattress.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated and/or received product(s) for this post. As usual, all of the opinions expressed are my own. 



YUMMommy said…
God is good! He sent that opportunity your way at just the right time. We're currently in the market for a new mattress set and bed frame too. Think we might go with Serta because I've heard nothing but great reviews and got hooked after trying one in the store.
thanks a lot for the info..i am glad that you have shared this..i am looking for a mattress for my new home..i am already moving in so i need a new one..

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