Happy Birthday Big Boy!

I can remember it like yesterday....waking up at 5AM in the morning, having final discussions about your name before driving off to the hospital.  Once arriving I was scolded by the hospital staff for being late but I just smiled and laughed it off because being ten minutes late was not going to hinder your "on time" arrival.  As I suspected, I sat around doing nothing but anticipating your birth for at least a half-hour before being prepped for surgery. I moved a bit during my spinal block (don't do this at home kids) and nearly gave the anesthesiologist a heart attack. But no problems and at 7:31, 5 years ago today I gave birth to you, my bouncing baby boy. Once I heard your cry I knew all was well in my world! 

Happy 5th birthday birthday big boy! 

I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for us!!! 


Lisa R Charles said…
Happy Birthday to your son, Renee!! Age 5 is a whole lotta fun, especially with boys :-)
AmandaDufau said…
Happy birthday little man!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday beautiful boy. Blessing
YUMMommy said…
Hope he has a wonderful 5th birthday!
Happy 5th to you and your son :)

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