My Story, Our Flag!

It is hard to believe it but the Olympics are upon us once again! I remember the Olympics four years ago, I had a barely one year old son, I’d just started my blog and I sat in my living room watching the US olympians during the epic opening ceremony in China. It was absolutely amazing. That is why I am so excited that this year, not only will I be watching the Olympics but I can gain true inspiration from them because I can proudly say that I AM AN ATHLETE! Although I will not be competing in the Olympics, I am a Gold Medal Blogger for Tide, P&G is an official sponsor of the Olympics and has some great activities that we can all participate in to show our USA pride!

I want to tell you about the “My Story, Our Flag” project, where you can submit what the colors red, white and blue mean to you on facebook. And, your story may be chosen to be physically woven into an enormous physical flag that will be unveiled at Bryant Park in New York City on the 3rd of July! To give you some inspiration, here is the story that I am submitting and hopefully will be included in the actual flag!

I am an African-American woman with roots both here in the US and in Africa. For me, the red in the flag symbolizes my Native American ancestors, the first inhabitants of this great nation. The white is representative of the cotton picked by my African ancestors who were brought to this nation as slaves but with blood, sweat and tears preservered.  When freed, they made opportunities for themselves in education, business, sports, entertainment and overcame where others may not have. The blue represents the sacrifices my family members made to represent the US in war. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII, my maternal grandmother was a “Rosie Riveter,” and my uncle received a purple heart in the Vietnam a .  I am proud to call myself an American. My ancestors paved the way for me and I am living testimony that not only can hardships be overcome but you can exceed your wildest expectations!

I hope my story has provided you with some inspiration to write about the colors of our flag. You can submit your story by visiting the facebook page and perhaps you will see it unfurled at Bryant Park on the 3rd of July!

Disclosure:  I am a Tide P&G Gold Medal Blogger and am receiving compensation for my participation in the program. 


That's a great post Renee! I love what the flag means to you. It means all of those things to me too because my background is similar to yours (Veterans and all), and it also mean so much more since our country had the courage to elect a President that looks like my son. I was extra proud to hold it at the inauguration in 2009. I am always proud of it at Olympic time.

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