Disney Social Media Moms 2012

If you have been watching my updates on facebook and/or twitter you already know that I am visiting Disney. I am so excited because the stars finally aligned and I am able to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Conference! For the past few years I've been unable to attend because of scheduling, money or both! But I'm here now with my family - Mom, Aunt Bev and Mekhi and so far we are having a ball! 

I packed diligently last night and laid out my travel wear - my personalized Mickey ears,  my Hanes sleeveless tee and a pair of comfy yoga pants. I drove this time around (in great time) so I needed to be as comfortable as possible! 

We were up early to hit the road with smiles on our faces!

I packed for my son (sorry for the upside down photo) and of course he has his Mickey ears, Hanes boxer briefs, Hanes lanyard with a pin, and his personalized Hanes tee that we made on our visit to Disney last year with the Hanes comfort crew. 

We were up early in the morning to hit the road with smiles on our faces! 

We arrived at Disney's Yacht Club resort 6 hours and 15 minutes later. I stopped once for gas and kept things moving! 

The rooms are nautical themed and so beautiful! I enjoyed pointing out all of the hidden Mickey's to Mekhi and we were warmly greeted by Beverly, the cast member in charge of keeping our room neat. She is so awesome and made a special elephant from towels for my son when we arrived!

Although I *thought* I'd get some rest after the drive, I decided to take Mekhi to the pool and we only explored one of the several on property. He loved every minute. Especially the sand bar smack dab in the middle! 

There is more to share but I am off to bed. I'll post more photos later, but I must say that our evening ended with a Swashbuckling good time at the Pirate Party! 


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