Ready for Easter!

Look at my boy! He is growing up so quickly and in this suit? He looks like a little man! Since Easter is fast approaching I decided to go shopping at Walmart to find some Easter fashions for Mekhi. I was pleasantly surprised to find some really cute 4 pieces suits for less than $20.00! I of course picked the suit that was accented with purple. Love it! 

I was debating between this suit and one that had a handkerchief in the pocket, so distinguished! And I know Mekhi enjoys dressing like his daddy so I know he will enjoy wearing it. Sometimes it is challenging finding clothing for boys but I was very pleased with the selection for Easter at Walmart. Honestly, I doubt that he will be dressed up on Easter, we usually spend the day together at home, but I know this suit will be an option for him on future occasions when he has to dress up. 

If you are on the looking for a reasonably priced outfit for your son this holiday season, be sure to check out Walmart. I know you will be surprised by what you find! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and have been compensated for this post and provided funds to purchase the suit but as usual all opinions are my own. 


Jackie said…
He looks so handsome!
Amarie said…
He looks very handsome!
YUMMommy said…
That boy is profilin' and stylin' as my mother would say. Really a four piece suit for under $20?! That's a deal right there. I was looking at suits for JJ at the mall the other day and they were not cheap. I couldn't see myself paying over $25 for a suit for a baby. Looks like I know where to check next. Thanks for this post!
Shelly said…
Wow, he sure looks handsome and his outfit is very sharp! I would not have known it was from Walmart unless you said so. Great deal :)

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