CrossFit - Switching Things Up!

This Sunday I'm running my 9th half-marathon. No, that is not a typo, it will be my third of this year (I've run one every Sunday for the past couple of weeks) and I am not sure how many I'll run by the end of the year. I enjoy running, it is time for me to reflect, relax and enjoy alone time. 

However, when we met with Andrea Riggs at the McDonald's breakfast for wholesome choices she stressed the importance of strength training. This is something I know I need to do, something I've done in the past and honestly have plans to the future.  And since I am partnering with McDonald’s on their Wholesome Choices Blogger Program and sharing my own tips and ideas for making more wholesome choices in your every day life this week I changed things up.  I decided this week to step out of my comfort zone and try a gym class that included intense strength training. 

                 Not me, never will be me, but a CrossFit expert!
(photo credit: Reebok)

My choice? CrossFit. Yup, I took the plunge and took a CrossFit class. These classes are generally 20 minutes, 30 max and involve strength and aerobic training utilizing both body weight and the more advanced use weights. Yesterday I did the "Mildly Dirty 50" 

50 pull ups
50 sit-ups
50 push-ups
50 box jumps

This workout was ten minutes. TEN MINUTES! It was a serious challenge and I was sweating bullets. And my body? Well, my body is sore. Yup. A ten minute workout has my calfs burning. I hope I'm okay for my race any event, this taught me a very important lesson.  I NEED STRENGTH TRAINING!

So, my wholesome choice after this weekend is to truly incorporate strength training into my regiment. Gotta be strong! 

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Good for you! I am going on my third week of CrossFit and it is a challenge. I go twice a week at 5am and I still have to modify the workouts to my fitness level. I see improvement already. What I like about CF is how they incorporate movements we need and use for everday life and longevity to live a quality life.

I am sore too! Ha! Ha!

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