Check Up - Healthy Habits for a Lifetime

So, it has been three weeks since Mekhi and I implemented the healthy habits for a lifetime oral care regiment in our household and I must say it has been a raging success! Mekhi is so excited to brush his teeth - the batman toothbrush certainly helps! He also loves our usage of the timer to ensure that we are brushing for two minutes. Before brushing his teeth he always says, "mommy I need the timer!" and with that type of enthusiasm, even if I'm using my phone, I will stop what I'm doing to time him!

He also really enjoys swishing his Listerine mouthwash for 30 seconds. He has his own big boy cup and with my supervision he swishes like a champ! I am actually excited for our dentist visit at the end of the this month, I'm curious to see if there are any noticeable differences!

Like Mekhi, I have been brushing, swishing and flossing. Admittedly the flossing still continues to be a bit of challenge for me but I am doing much better and the Reach Total Care plus whitening floss actually kills two birds with one stone and is comfortable to use. I have very tight spaces between my teeth which is another reason I am not consistent (and more of a reason for me to be).

Overall, I think we have done great with the challenge. I look forward to continuing to make oral care a game in our house and am working on the daily flossing. I really like all of the products from Listerine and Reach that we've used and they are all available at Walmart.  I've always cared about my teeth but this challenge has made me even more accountable for my oral care.

Disclosure: I received products and compensation from Johnson & Johnson and The Motherhood
as part of my participation in the Oral Care Challenge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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