Betty White in The Lorax

After previewing The Lorax movie in Los Angeles, I along with an entire group of parent bloggers had an opportunity to interview several of the cast members of the movie. The highlight of the interviews was sitting down and talking with Betty White. Her 90th birthday was celebrated on National television recently and President Obama even sent her a special greeting! I was beside myself with happiness to speak with this iconic actress. 

In the film, Betty White plays a cheeky grandmother, who knows the secret of the Once-Ler and is helpful in saving the last tree. Of course, as characteristic of the majority of her roles, Betty White's portrayal of the Grandma is hilarious! And honestly, Ms. White is funny in real life too! 

I asked her if when she began acting she ever imagined having such longevity in her career and she said "I was a late starter. I didn't get my first job until I was 21.....once you get your first job, its as if will I do another and its of course I will." I remember Betty White from when I was a kid and watched The Golden Girls and I love that my son at four will enjoy her performance as well. 

Ms. White also feels very strongly about the environmental message in the movie and said that the work she is most proud of is with the Morris Animal Foundation, an organization that she has supported for over 50 years and funded the first animal pain research study for the foundation.

Today is Dr. Suess's 106th birthday and like Ms. Betty White's birthday the entire nation will be celebrating with Read Across America and of course the release of Universal's The Lorax. The film is rated PG (and honestly none of us could figure that one out) but I will be bringing my four year old to see it. He loves the story, I love the movie, the colors and the music. 

Today is a birthday celebration that will do Dr. Suess proud!  


Desiree said…
What a thrill to get to see it in LA and meet her! My whole family is excited about this movie!

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