Gluten Free Eating with Udi's!

In the past I've talked about my quest to eat gluten-free. When I bake, I use gluten-free flour and I've even made my own gluten-free bread. But many times, I just don't have the time to bake so then what do I do? Well, I was sent a box filled with gluten-free foods from Udi's and you know what? I think I'm IN LOVE. 

The first thing I tried were the cookies. After the first bite of the chocolate chip cookies I was done! I have to admit that selfishly I was ecstatic that my son was visiting his dad because I had a box of cookies to myself! I did NOT eat all of the cookies in one sitting (although they are good enough to do just that if you are not careful) and I did share with my son. Actually, he saw them on the table and unbeknownst to me started helping himself to cookies! 

Next up, I used the gluten-free pizza crust. I've experimented with making cauliflower pizza crust as a gluten-free alternative but Udi's is infinitely easier! I simply topped it with my favorite pizza toppings and cooked it. The end result? A delicious pizza! 

And finally, before my runs and especially before my races I enjoy a bagel with peanut butter. This is a race tradition for me and generally is the one time when I am not eating gluten-free. However, thanks to Udi's I know can enjoy my pre-race meal gluten-free. 

After trying all of these Udi's products I can honestly say I am now a big fan of Udi's gluten free. If you are living a gluten-free lifestyle I highly recommend Udi's as an alternative to baking your own gluten free goodies. Udi's is available at Walmart. 

Disclosure: I received a box of Udi's gluten free foods and was compensated for writing this post. All of the opinions are 100% my own. 


Hi Renee! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed our products. The cookies are my personal weakness. As you mentioned, it's easy to polish off one whole package!

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