Say Anything and Win an iPad!!!!

When I attended Blogalcious last month I had the opportunity to meet the founder of North Star Games, Luke. A table was set up with various games from the North Star line including Say Anything. In this game you answer a question and the answer with the most responses win. I am currently playing the game on facebook and answered the question  -  If I could train a monkey to do anything, what would I train it to do? 

As a result of my playing along,  North Star Games will be giving my charity, The Lupus Foundation of America a $1000 donation! As part of a total donation of $5000 to the charities of the participating bloggers choice!  Take a visit to the contest on their Facebook page, vote for your favorite answer to the question and you will be entered to win an iPad! 

The contest ends on Monday, November 28th so hurry up and vote!!!! 


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