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For well over a decade I devoted my professional life to public health. I battled HIV/AIDS here in the United States and lived in South Africa working on the epidemic there and in Zimbabwe. Shortly after my son was born I left my position as State AIDS Director for Georgia, leaving behind a staff of 35 and a budget in excess of $100M because I wanted to focus on my child. I did however continue my public health work, consulting for an early childhood literacy program based called Reach Out and Read based in pediatricians offices. When my contract ended I was blogging with intensity and it seemed natural for my love of public health to continue in the blogging realm. Little did I know at the time that social media would not only help me to raise awareness about important health issues for others but it would help me too.

I've blogged about HIV/AIDS, asthma, cancer, and loudly shared my journey to healthy living on my blog.  Although I am a work in progress, by sharing my experiences I know I can help others. I lost over fifty pounds and chronicled it on my blog - now I find myself up about twenty pounds and I am writing about that too. Being overweight and the health issues that arise as a result of it are pr

Today, I have the wonderful opportunity to share my pursuit of Healthiness utilizing Social Media during A LIVE CHAT on the MOTHERHOOD today at 1 PM. I will be joined by a host of AMAZING LADIES including Karyne Briane of the Red Pump Project, Gina of the Mom's Clean Air Force, Simone I Smith (wife of LL Cool J) and Tonya Lewis Lee of Healthy Baby Begins. I cannot wait to be a part of this chat and hope that you will join us.

The American Cancer Society organized this chat and I am a proud member of their Bloggers Advisory Council. Hope to see you there!


Jesica Davanza said…
The chat was awesome today! Your insights were always so beneficial. Thanks for your dedication to the American Cancer Society and so many other important health causes/issues!
Ra-him said…
hey renée!!! great to see you still progressing and being your wonderful self. you look lovely.

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