Netherworld Haunted House - A Must See Atlanta Attraction!


For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the spooky, scary and supernatural. But unlike most people, I am not prone to be scared I simply enjoy the thrill of hearing other people screaming and working myself up to scream too! For the past few Halloween seasons I've been lucky enough to venture into neighborhoods where Halloween is a big event. I've actually been in two "haunted houses" that were so much fun and believe it or not, my son accompanied me and had a ball.

This year, I decided to fulfill my curiosity for the "fear factor" by visiting the nationally known Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta. Netherworld is celebrating its 15th anniversary and after my visit, I wish I'd experienced this before!

This 3D monster greets you at the Haunted House

Netherworld is actually composed of two haunted houses. The short, intense Raw Meat Exhibit and the longer Nightmares. True to my nature, I decided to see Raw Meat first - it was right next to the ticket center and the line was much shorter than Nightmares. The experience began with me crawling through a tunnel so that I could enter the sewer. What followed was an experience I won't soon forget that is not for the faint of heart! 

After Raw Meat it was time for Nightmares...and as much fun as Raw Meat was, Nightmares really is the not to be missed aspect of the Haunted House. While waiting on line various creatures greeted me from a man holding a crazy "monster" that tagged me..

To a demon skateboarder

and skeletor


Their presence kept the crowd pumped and these are only a few of the characters wandering around. After about a 20 minute wait we entered the Nightmares. The organizers of the experience have this down pat, each group goes in individually which enables you to have your own experience. Of course, screams abound around you which adds to the fun. 

My favorite aspects of the haunted house were a circular tunnel that reminded me of something out of the Twilight Zone and when one of the creatures in the house put my friend and I in jail and refused to let us out until we sang a song! 

I honestly cannot remember the last time I had more fun. And although this wasn't a "workout" when I left both Raw and Nightmares I was sweating like I'd run a 5k! A word to the wise - go with someone you can hold on to! Netherworld is not to be missed! 

Netherworld is open for the rest of the Halloween season - be prepared for long lines this weekend I'm sure but trust me, it is worth it and you will certainly be entertained while you wait! Tickets are $22 for Nightmares and $28 for a combination ticket that includes Raw Meat. If you want to avoid lines altogether you can purchase a speedpass for $50.00 For more info visit the Netherworld website. And if you visit, please be sure to share your experience with me!!!

Disclosure: I was provided with media passes to experience Netherworld but all of the opinions, screams, and sweat belong 100% to me!


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