My new puppy Marley

My entire family loves dogs. As a teenager I had a Chow named Ling Ling and loved her so much. As an adult I have not had a pet of any kind with the exception of a fish. One. Fish. A beta. I actually loved my fish too but not in the (wo)man's best friend kind of way. After a rash of break-ins in my area, I decided the best protection would be a dog. Although in Georgia just about everyone I know is armed, I am not trained nor do I want a gun in the house with a young child. So, a dog was my best option. 

Ah, life with a puppy. I have to tell you that I believe this has cured me of any inkling of wanting another child. A puppy is so much work! I am potty training (aka housebreaking) him and my goodness, it is hard! I love my puppy so much but this is a trying process. I've decided that we are going to puppy training. Hopefully we will start on Monday!  And I will be bringing my four year old along so that he too can learn how to deal with our newest edition. 

Mekhi actually helped pick Marley (and named him) we adopted him from a no-kill shelter in my area. The adoption was not free but I'm happy to assist in enabling the shelter to provide a safe home for dogs. I've since found out that you can also adopt animals for free from PetCo although I doubt I will be adding another member to my family perhaps this is information that will be helpful for you in the future!

As challenging as house training and teaching him to obey has been I wouldn't tried my puppy Marley for anything in the world! I plan on updating you periodically on the progress of my puppy. Things can only get better!


So cute!!! I'm so happy for you for adding Marley into your family. I couldn't imagine a life without having a four-legged family member, aka a dog. We have a beagle.
Pammy pam said…
omg he is sooooo friggin cute!
Jealous!!! I wish for a dog but hubby is a cat person. To compromise, we agreed to not have pets after his cat died. Boo!
Sheliza said…
Renee, we have a chihuahua and you would be amazed at how much he aids in protecting our home and family. Marley is such a cutie and looks identical to my sister's dog who happens to be named...what else... MARLEY!!! Training is a pain but you will look back on it later and smile. It's all worth it...just like our children. Enjoy and please post when you can about sweet Marley!! :)
Elena @CiaoMom said…
Marley is adorable!!! Hope the potty training goes as smoothly as possible---and yeah for family puppy training. I am confident that between you, your son, and Marley-- you will make it work!

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