More Birthdays!

It is my honor to serve as a member of the American Cancer Society's Blogger Advisory Council. ACS is here at Blogalicious asking how we will fight for more birthdays.  As you know, I run for more birthdays- for both myself and fundraise to help others too.  I love celebrating having more birthdays with cancer survivors, current fighters and even honoring those that put up the good fight like my Great Aunt Helen and my cousin George. 

This afternoon Susan, a member of the ACS Blogger Advisory Council  shared her story.  

She is currently fighting Metastatic Breast Cancer. Susan is a fighter and came to speak right after her radiation treatment.  I have to tell you there was not a dry eye in the room. She truly is my hero! 

After Susan's presentation we sang Happy Birthday in celebration of More Birthdays! 

Visit for information about the More Birthday campaign! 


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