Halloween Glam Make-Up How To....

Halloween  is around the corner and we are having a Falloween celebration with the kids at my church. I am going as Bat Girl and the outfit is pretty sexy. I know, church, kids, sexy, may not fit but believe me, I am never over the top and hey this suits my personality! Anyhow, I need make-up that focuses on my eyes because I'll be wearing a mask, however the mask is quite hot so even if I end up taking it off I want my eyes to be the focal point. The photo above is the finished product, I used brighter colors than I normally wear, false eyelashes and gel eyeliner to really hype up my eyes. I kept the rest of my face pretty natural so that the focus is always on my eyes. And here is how I did it!

I started with just my usual foundation (I am a fan of the Maybelline FitMe line) and I also tweezed and filled in my eyebrows. Next I applied Revlon Perle sparkle gold as my base. 

 I applied it below my lower lashes too. Unlike most eyeshadows, in this instance I used the applicator that came with the product because when I tried to use my shadow brush the sparkles were all over my face. The applicator allowed for a more even application of the product. I followed the gold with Milani Baked Eye shadow in Teal.

Again I used the applicator brush enclosed in the product and really liked it because it has dual tips. One for dry application and one for wet application. I chose to use the wet application for a more intense pigment and it did the job extremely well.  Next I applied Revlon Perle in Violet on my lids. 

Next I applied my false eyelashes, I know many people are afraid of falsies but seriously, with a little practice you can do it! 

I used the Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Intensifying. There is a range of lashes to choose from but I liked the look of these. Although the package suggested applying the eyelash adhesive with a q-tip I found it easier to simply apply directly from the tube.  Finally I applied my eyeliner.

I used Maybelline Eyestudio liner in charcoal. Again, gel eyeliner takes some practice to apply but I find that it is the most intense liner and you can easily adjust the intensity by the thickness of the line. The trick with the liner is to apply it over the line of the false lashes so that they have a more "natural" look. Of course, it is obvious that I am wearing false lashes but I can still make them look as natural as possible.

I finalized the look by using mascara on my lashes again, I want to glam it up! And here is my final look with some products from my personal collection including Red Velvet Cake lipshine from Philosophy which sadly is no longer available and a MAC blush. 

Glamorous! If I were more adventurous I think I could actually wear this look on an evening out but I generally keep my make-up a little bit more low-key. I am extremely happy with this look and I am sure it will be a hit with my Bat Girl costume! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and was provided with a giftcard to purchase products used and compensation for writing this post.  As usual, all opinions are 100% my own. 


Dr. Rhonda said…
Very pretty! I've been wanting to try lashes, let me know how long they last before they come off.
Sheliza said…
I love the completed look and it is very glamorous! I have always wanted to play around with false lashes for some time now. Revlon is definitely a good brand!
Love it! You look like Cleopatra girl. Pretty!
Very pretty! I really like it, eye lashes and all.

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