Recommitment - Running and fundraising for LLS

It has been awhile since I've talked about health and fitness here. During my journey to healthy living I provided an update weekly and I stopped doing that lately. And without accountability I must admit that I have not been exercising or eating healthy on a consistent basis. I've actually returned to some of my old habits and that has caused me to gain weight. But today, I am recommitting to being the best me that I can be.  

I will be running the Savannah Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon on November 5th and raising $1500 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society while I train. I had 12 weeks to do this and now I only have about 4 but I am determined! I am running in honor of my friend Melissa, 

a mother of 3 who is currently kicking non-hodgkins lymphoma's ass! I told her I was doing this and I am! Please be on the look out for weekly updates on my training and I'd really appreciate your support for my fundraising efforts!  

As difficult as it is to admit a setback, I am doing this loudly because I know I can get back in my grove and live a healthy life! I hope you will join me on my journey, I certainly can use your support! 


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