Million Moms Challenge

I'm so excited to be one of the Million Moms Bloggers! For the first 100,000 people that joins the challenge, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1.00 to help support healthy pregnancy and mothers worldwide. Here is an excerpt from my first blog post:

"I think the most common feeling related to pregnancy for most women is worry. When we are intent on becoming pregnant we worry if it will happen. Once we are pregnant we worry about things like will my child be healthy? And in my case, I worried about if I would carry my baby to full term. I had a difficult pregnancy, early on I experienced pain as my muscles stretched, the year prior to my pregnancy I’d had a myomectomy (the removal of fibroid tumors) and the scar tissue was uncomfortable as my baby grew. And around week 24 I experienced something that I will never forget, while at work I began pre-term labor. "

To read the rest of my post and join the challenge, click HERE


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