Game Day Treat!

Well, football season is in full swing and I am pretty sure that I am one of the few Americans that is NOT interested in the sport. Living here in the South, football rules - from high school to professional, folks are into football. Tailgating parties abound and Sundays are spent in front of televisions or if the home teams are playing and you are lucky, at the stadium! 

In honor of football season, as a Walmart mom I was challenge to create a favorite treat for game day - in the shape of a football! Honestly, my favorite meal that I can associate with football is buffalo shrimp - simply delicious but there was no way for me to arrange it in a football shape that made sense. So, I decided to make some football shaped cookies. 

Since I love baking, these cookies were a natural and although I made them without the help of my four year old, this is certainly a recipe that he could have helped with. I simply made sugar cookies by whipping up the batter in about 5 minutes.  I honestly think that making things from scratch doesn't take that much more effort than using pre-made dough.

After mixing the dough I took about a tablespoon and shaped them by hand into football shapes. As the first batch of cookies baked I prepared the chocolate frosting. This is REALLY simple and takes melted butter, cocoa and confectioners sugar. I don't think I'll ever use pre-made frosting again unless absolutely necessary! 

After letting the cookies cool for a few minutes, I spread the chocolate frosting. I found the the frosting was easier to manipulate when it was warm and I held each cookie in my hand to frost it. The final touch was adding white frosting trim to make the football laces. In this instance I did use pre-made Betty Crocker frosting in a cookie decorating tube. It was really convenient but if I plan on doing more cookie decorating in the future, I will just invest in a cookie decorating kit with different size nozzle attachments.

Although I am no artist, I am happy with the way my footballs turned out and I am sure they would be a welcome addition to any football celebration! Of course, these are not the healthiest treat around so I've been dispersing them to my friends that are football fans to get them out of my house! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and some of the products used were provided by Walmart and I've been compensated for this post. 


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