Dinner on a Budget

There was once a time when I cut coupons like a champ and everyone in line cheered as they watched my grocery bill go down $50 - $100 as a result of coupon clipping. This was about 6 years ago when there were far more limited resources for thrifty shoppers like me. Sadly, when my economic situation improved my utilization of coupons diminished. 

Now, dinner on a budget for me means cooking a large meal a couple days a week and having leftovers during the interim. This is probably not the best method for saving money so I'm going to check out the ideas from my fellow Ragu Mom's The Word on Dinner Ambassadors.  In this episode they are discussing Dinner on a Budget and if you have any tips, be sure to chime in on the facebook page

Disclosure: I am a Mom's The Word on Dinner Ambassador and have been compensated to spread the word about this program. 


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