Taste Testing

For as long as I can remember I've been a fan of Sargento cheese. So when I was asked to do a taste test comparing processed cheese with Sargento it was a no brainer. When my package arrived I dug right into to the Sargento cheddar cheese and didn't even bother tasting the processed cheese. It was so bad in fact that for fear of eating the entire bag by myself, I had some of my friends try the taste test too.

I made a platter and had the processed cheese on one side and the Sargento on the other. Needless to say the Sargento was a big hit!

Diane was brave enough to try the processed cheese and she said there was no comparison! 

Piera and Dawn got a big kick out of tasting the cheese and like me, were already a fan of Sargento. It is honestly the only cheese I buy and this "taste test" just proved that I will remain a fan! 

Disclosure: This taste test was sponsored by The Motherhood and Sargento, I received compensation for the post but all opinions are 100% mine as usual. 


Thanks for sharing the cheese with us Renee - I totally LOVED it! Now I have to find that candied fruit somewhere....

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