BlogHer 2011 - Focus on Me!

Have you ever had an experience that was so meaningful that you just wanted to relish in the memory and savor it like a fine wine? My trip to the BlogHer Conference was that way for me. I've been holding on to all of my wonderful experiences and will share them as I feel moved to do so. The thing that made BlogHer 2011 so remarkable for me is that this year I am in transition. So, I did not approach the conference from the standpoint of how I can become a better blogger but rather how I can be the best me I can possibly be.

This meant focusing entirely on my personal desires, listening to my body and attending the sessions that supported my desire to better myself. I focused on my health - both physical and mental. I know this is not the classic approach to the BlogHer conference but it was what I needed and honestly it was the best BlogHer I've attended to date.

I started most my mornings with exercise, the first courtesy of P&G and the Live Well Lived sessions which I enjoyed. Especially the aromatherapy session when we did a guided meditation with the facilitator. Unexpected but totally enjoyable and my foot massage did wonders. Thank you P&G!

On the first full day of the conference I was treated to yoga courtesy of my sponsor, Pfizer and it was amazing beginning the morning overlooking the beautiful San Diego marina. And did I mention, that prior to stretching I did the BlogHer 5K run with Together Counts!

I wore my sparkle skirt and joined the other ladies as we sparkled our way around the marina.

In the afternoon I went to a great session with Ms. Browkow who is celebrating the beauty of living the best life ever as you approach the forties and beyond. This dialogue was intimate and she answered questions and even offered to provide me with a counseling session during this transitional time in my life.

Photo credit: Angry Julie

On Saturday I was treated to a workout with Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser fame he made me his honorary assistant and we had a ball. My legs were screaming after the workout in a great way!

And on Saturday afternoon I spent the day with the special guests from Pfizer. Wendy a registered dietitian spent at least 45 minutes talking with me about making good dietary decisions, provided websites and even told me about a twitterchat I can join on Wednesday evenings. When we finished speaking I felt like I had a friend whom I shared my shortcomings with - not eating right and gaining some weight - who cheered me on.

I followed our conversation by speaking with Val Waters, she is a celebrity trainer who specializes in getting folks Red Carpet ready. I'd like to consider us old friends, we met at another conference earlier this year and I worked out with her using her Val slides which are amazing. She also encouraged me to keep up with my exercise and maintain my "cutie booty!"

Another highlight of the conference for me was the Voices of the Year where I learned the importance of having a pair (or two or three) of red underwear and celebrated my friends sobriety anniversary. So many voices and I cried so many tears. You can visit to read all of the posts that were shared - be prepared with tissues....

I suppose you can see my overall theme remained the same. Take care of self, celebrate self and at one point I went to sit by the pool and shared an impromptu lunch with my good friend Jennifer.  BlogHer 11 I focused on me. I happily admit it and next year when it is held in New York I will probably do the same.

For those of you curious about the conference it can be whatever you want it to be and this year it was everything I anticipated and more!

Disclosure: Many thanks to my sponsor Pfizer for making my trip to BlogHer 11 possible. 


Didn't get a chance to go this year but love your recap. It's great to focus on me. You work hard and deserve it!

Love all the focus on fitness- awesome!

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