Summer Fun with Nestle

I am a Nestle Family blogger and this summer I will be providing tips for having healthy family fun on the Nestle family website.  I am joined by some of my friends and we will providing information about all sorts of activities to help you enjoy the summer with your kids! In addition, there are weekly prizes that you will be able to win.  All you have to do is sign up to try one of our challenges and you will be entered to win.  My challenge for this week is Summer Running:

I am an avid runner and during the summer, despite the heat, I still have to train for my fall races. Since school is out, it is necessary for me to bring my son with me. I used to simply put him in the jogging stroller and let him enjoy the ride. But now that he is older, he is able to join in on the fun. At four, he is too young to run with me for any distance, but he can ride alongside me on his bike. He has a new found independence riding his big boy bicycle with training wheels and I can still get my training runs in. Because it is the summer, we get outside early in the morning or late evening and we always put on our sunscreen!

Be sure to visit the website for the weekly prizes and also stop back here to enter to win a giveaway soon. Also visit the other Nestle family bloggers, they will be hosting giveaways during the summer too!

Disclosure: I have received compensation for all of my Nestle posts. 


Tamona said…
Nestle and summer. What a gooey delicious combination! Then you go and mess it up with running lol!! I am kidding. You are a rock Renee. I never knew you were a Nestle Blogger. Honey, I could be a spokesperson with how many of those chocolate chips I buy for the millions of cookies I bake lol! I will definitely hop around with you guys.

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