Painting my home office - yes, me!

I'm not really the DIY type of girl. I've lived in my house for four years and the only room that is painted is my son's room. I did that four years ago! The nursery was a big project - of course I had to chose three different paints, add a chair rail and I had at least 3 people help.  It took months. So, of course, I've been soured to the whole idea of painting.

room before new paint

But when presented with an opportunity to try Glidden's new Brilliance paint line available at Walmart I just couldn't pass it by. So, I chose to paint my new office. Since purple is my favorite color I went with lilac bouquet.

I got all my supplies together and started. I painted around all of the electrical outlets and then did the dreaded taping.  I then painted one wall with the roller and realized I needed to do the edging first, so I edged each wall which made for easier painting.

To paint my new office I used one gallon of paint. The Glidden paint went on pretty easily, I did have to use some elbow grease because the paint missed some of the contours in my wall but I didn't need an additional coat to do it. Surprisingly, painting is exercise! I tell you I was sweating up a storm and using all kinds of muscles to get the paint on the wall. It took me about 4 hours to do everything including clean-up. I'm not sure how many calories I burned but I am counting this as my workout for the day!

One thing to keep in mind with this paint is it goes on a bit darker than it looks in the can so keep that in mind when choosing a paint color. Also, this paint if VOC free and I painted the room with all the windows closed (it is summer in Georgia after all) and I didn't smell a thing!
I am happy with the paint job I did on the room. I am sure that I won't be winning any awards for painting but I figure I will learn by doing. Next up, my bedroom which will certainly be at least a three day affair!

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and I have been compensated for writing this post and as usual all opinions are my own! 


Jackie said…
I like the's pretty!
Kids Curriculum said…
Lovely color and great work.
Mr Lady said…
Jeez, you will be SO HAPPY when you work from home. I adore that color!
wow, good job girl! That is a gorgeous color!
Tanisha Sanson said…
Awww, that's so cute! I love the color violet too, dear. My home office is currently colored violet but I want to change the color to yellow to make it appear larger. I'll try and do so when I get the time and money, LOL.
Blake Mitchell said…
That's a nice color. It's a nice addition to your home office -- the new color is refreshing, and it makes one feel ready for work!
Canon Ink said…
That violet color wall looks great.... I like it....

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