Happy Birthday Mekhi!

This year my baby boy turned four. It is amazing how quickly the time has passed. I have vivid memories of bringing him home and the first night staring at him as he slept, marveling at the miracle God blessed me with. Now this big boy is independent, wants to do all sorts of things on his own and even has dry nights! I wanted to do something special for his birthday this year and thanks to the  folks at Tide I was able to provide him with a birthday party that he will never forget !

The party was held at one of Mekhi's favorite places, the Imagine It! Children's Museum. Prior to party the children were able to explore the museum, have fun and engage in learning hands activities that were experiential and educational. At the appointed time, all of the kids gathered in the party room. For crafts, games and of course food and fun! 

Mekhi was able to add his handprint to the wall where countless other birthday children had left their mark. His friends got in on the fun and made a card just for him with their handprints. As the party was winding down we distributed the goody bags that were provided by Tide. 

Inside were gifts for both the children and the parents - a sample of Tide Stain release (which can be used for any of the pizza or ice cream cake  that might have occurred at the party). And all of the children were given Tide aprons which were a huge hit. 
 Mekhi and his friend Davie (Secret Agent Mama's son)

After the party was over the children dispersed into the museum. Mekhi and I left after two additional hours but we saw party goers still enjoying the museum on our way out! I have to give a tremendous THANK YOU to the folks from Tide Stain Release. I enjoyed being given the leeway to provide my guests with information about their product in a way that was natural and fun!

Photo Credit: All photos by Mishelle Lane (she is amazing, thank you Mishelle!)

Disclosure: The party was sponsored by Tide Stain Release and I've been compensated for spreading the word about the brand. All opinions are 100% my own as usual and since I've been using Tide Stain Release for awhile now this is a perfect fit for me


Allison M. said…
happy birthday!
*Tanyetta* said…
Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy! He's growing up and so handsome :)
Sheliza said…
What a fun party and Happy Birthday to your big guy! I remember it like yesterday when you wrote about Mekhi walking up the stairs with no hands. He is growing on up! Tide Stain Release is awesome. I love anything by Tide!
Laila said…
Looks like a lotta fun! Happy Birthday to your little boy.
Wifey said…
Looks like an AWESOME party! Glad you guys had a great day!

Winks & Smiles,
Mommy Fabulous said…
Wow, Renee! He was still a toddler when I first started reading your blog! Happy birthday Lil Man!
Justice Jonesie said…
Happy belated to the big boy!!
Sounds like everyone had a blast.
Justice Jonesie said…
Happy belated to the big boy!!
Sounds like everyone had a blast.

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