Pssst - Hint, hint, What I want for Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day eve, I realize I’ve been talking about Mother’s Day all week and I’ve yet to mention what I want. I guess in many ways I wasn’t really thinking about it from my personal perspective. Given my current situation, I’m not that optimistic about receiving anything this year. But that is okay, when I take into consideration all of the blessings that have come my way this year, I can’t complain. My mom has been integral in helping me with childcare when I travel and she has also traveled with me, which has been amazing!

But, I must admit that if a couple of people got together to get me one of the following gifts, I wouldn’t be mad about it!

First on the list: An emerald ring. May is my son’s birth month and I’d love to have a pretty emerald ring that signifies my son’s birth. Isn’t it lovely?

Next up: Something a bit more practical, I have wanted a stand mixer for well over 5 years now and Kitchen Maid is the one I’ve been eyeing. Somehow, I’ve just never made it in the store to purchase one but believe me if this was my Mother’s Day gift, I’d love it!

You all know that I’m a runner and I really like things related to fitness. I’d love to get this Garmin Forerunner 205, I love my Polar and wear it everytime I work out BUT I’d really like to be able to get my split times and have an alarm when I decide to walk/run. Yes, I’d be wearing two watches but a girl can never have too many accessories, can she? 

Finally, I really like Dance Central for X Box 360 Kinect. I’m simply not always able to get out and run (my schedule, no childcare, etc) so having this game is a fun way to get exercise in. No, it isn’t marketed as an exercise tool but I dare you to play this game for an hour - you let me know if it is a workout!

So, there you have it, my wishful thinking Mother’s Day list (and they are all available at Walmart). Any one of these things would make me extremely happy! I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting any of these things but I’ll be just as happy enjoying a Mother’s Day brunch at my best friends home while our children play together. Material things are never as important as relationships and really, Mother’s Day is a celebration of the greatest love of all! Family.

Disclosure: I'm a Walmart mom and I've been compensated to share my Mother's Day wishlist with you. 


Barbara said…
I don't even do a lot of baking and "I" would love to have a Kitchen Maid mixer. Its just the bomb, and it comes in pretty colors =)
I hope you got your Kitchenaid Mixer for Mothers Day, they make meal preparation more convenient. The real fun comes from the attachments, i.e. making my own pasta and/or ice cream have become our family's two favorites! :)

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