Pedicure at Home! (video post)

Today is Memorial Day and for most of us it is the sign of the official start of summer! And what happens in the summer? We wear less - clothing, sandals make a comeback and of course bathing suits! I've already shown you my body in my bathing suit and although I'm not at my "fighting" weight, I have to admit that I still feel GREAT in my skin.

The one area of my body that I am not too keen on showing are my feet. My feet are sorely neglected, as a runner my feet and toes get battered and I try to leave them alone as much as possible. Toenails that fall off and thick calluses to protect from blisters are just my reality as a runner. However, I cannot keep my feet under wraps for the entire summer so that calls for an intervention. Check out my video to see my at home pedicure process! 

All of the supplies that I use for my pedicures are available at Walmart and with an initial investment of about $25.00 I can give myself pedicures at home for the entire summer (and beyond). This beats spending $25 every time I walk into a beauty shop and honestly? I think I do a better job! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart Mom and was compensated for writing this post. As usual, all opinions are my own! 


Tamona said…
Oh I love love love Kerasal! That stuff is amazing. It works great for sitters, like me also! Keep up the great work woman.
indianist said…
I learn how to do pedicure at home very use full tips for me thanks for the great information....

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