Mother's Day Breakfast

My son loves the kitchen. He truly enjoys making cookies, pancakes, waffles, everything. And surprisingly, he doesn't make that much of a mess. With Mother's Day fast approaching, I know that he is too young to shop but I will fill the kitchen with the essentials for him to make me an easy breakfast in bed. 

One of my favorites morning treats - a yogurt breakfast parfait! Greek yogurt, mixed berries and Kellogg's low-fat granola topped with almonds. Quick and easy and Mekhi can say "I made this for you mommy!"

If you want to inspire your little chefs to make this simple meal for you on Mother's Day here is the recipe:

4 oz of plain non-fat Greek yogurt -
1 cup frozen Dole Mixed berries (You can use any fruit that you like - fresh or frozen, whatever suits your taste buds)
Kellogg's low fat granola cereal 
6 almonds

And this is a guilt free and healthy breakfast, packed with protein! A wonderful way to begin a day of celebrating you! 

Disclosure: I'm a Walmart mom and was compensated for sharing my idea for a simple Mother's Day breakfast. 


YUMMommy said…
Thanks for the recipe. It looks yummy!!
Yummy! This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!
Allison M. said…
i'm all about the greek yogurt lately.

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