A guilty pleasure...

This post has absolutely nothing to do with exercise, fitness or health. Nor is it about parenting. This post is about my secret guilty pleasure...gaming. I am a gamer. If I find a game that I like I will play it all hours of the night until I finish. One time (before I was a parent) I played a game for almost a week straight so that I could finish it. Sounds like a bit of a problem, right?

Well, because I know I can get a bit addicted (angry birds, plants vs. zombies, Gardens of Time, ahem) I try to limit my playing time. I'll play a game for a few days or even a month and then leave it alone for awhile. I've been so afraid of being caught up in gaming that I haven't purchased one game for my XBox 360 or Wii that isn't fitness oriented. But when I was given a giftcard by Walmart to purchase something utilizing the Pick-Up today option, I decided to go ahead and purchase my first game.

Oh, I didn't mention I love Zombies too? I just finished World War Z - The Oral History of the Zombie War, fascinating book...seriously. Anyhow, I purchased Left 4 Dead 2 online at Walmart.com and chose the pick up today option. It was simple. When my order was ready for pickup I received a text message, about two hours after I placed my order.

I went to the store, visited the pick-up area and had my game in minutes.

Confession: I haven't cracked open the game, yet. I'm just waiting for my son to go to sleep. If you don't hear from me in a week or so please send in reinforcements. I just may be too deep in Zombieland to get out on my own!!!!!

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and was given a giftcard to make my purchase.  I was also compensated for my time.  All opinions as usual are 100% my own. 


CarolinaMama said…
Wal-Mart makes like simple! That's what we like. Get everything done and quickly! Key with kids right! Way to go sister!
Mikey has this game and has been trying to get me to play (I love Zombies, too), and I think you have just convinced me that I should!

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