A Great Mother's Day Gift - Kodak Pulse Frame & Easy Share Camera

Last week my mom, son and I went to Disney World. We were not together the entire time and my mom kept saying "I forgot my camera! I have no pictures". Although I couldn't help her with the photos from the character breakfast she went to with my son, I had documented most of our adventures at Disney on my camera phone. And I knew that as a Walmart Mom, there was a Kodak Pulse frame waiting for me that I could give to my mom for Mother's Day!

The frame is amazing. I set up the frame for my mother (I wanted to make sure everything was working properly before giving it to her AND I found that although the process wasn't difficult, it did take me a few tries to get it right) and added photos to the frame immediately. I boxed the frame and gave it to her so all she had to do when she arrived back in New York was to turn it on, connect to her WiFi and view. She Loves it! And I love that when I am on the go, I can send photos by email to the frame and she can constantly see new photos of her grandson!

In addition to the frame, I received the Kodak Easy Share camera. There are a few things that I really like about it. First, it is tiny and it comes with a carrying case. This may not be important for everyone but for me I like to drop point and shoots in my purse and I rarely go to the store to purchase a case which puts a camera in danger of being damaged. Not an issue with this camera! 

With this camera I also have the ability to share photos on my favorite social networking sites and send email photos directly to my Mom's frame. This is a great feature, I just wish it was an immediate upload to the sites- but as it stands, I have to upload photos to my computer first and then share the photos. Another thing that I really like is the simplicity of use, my three (soon to be four) year old son can take photos and we can share them with grandma! 

Overall, I like the camera for its portability and photo quality. I love that with the frame I can send photos of my son to my mom and I don't have to be harassed about her lack of current photos! A great Mother's Day gift all the way around! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart Mom and I received these items for review in addition to compensation. All the views as usual are my own! 


Krystal Grant said…
That Kitchen Aid mixer is the business. Not that I can cook or bake or anything. But it would surely look pretty on my countertop. Happy Mother's Day.
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