FitBloggin 11

On April 2, I completed my third THIRD half-marathon when I ran (and walked) the NYC 13.1. That race was the roughest ever and I know I wouldn't have completed it without some help along the way. The photo above is of me and Grace. Grace and I ran the race "together" we pushed each other along when the going got tough. The last few miles were difficult but we'd encourage each other by saying "looking good" "keep it up" "almost done" amazingly, before the race Grace and I had never met before. But we shared the common bond of determination to finish the race and our smiles tell the whole story, as difficult as it was, we did it! 

I have many  Grace's in my life. As a blogger many of the relationships I've developed are online with people that I've never met in person but still consider my close friends. There is an entire crew of women on The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans that have encouraged me to lose weight, run a half-marathon and just stay fit and healthy. This week, I will be meeting many of them for the very first time - in real life, because without a doubt, we know each other! 

I'll also be meeting my friend Kia, we are friends from the mamavation campaign (among other things) and she has been a constant cheerleader for me. I cannot wait to meet this woman! 

Attending FitBloggin is going to be so much fun, learning more about blogging, hanging out with friends AND running a 5K, Zumba and other exercise. Absolutely Heaven! My trip to FitBloggin would not be possible without my sponsor Sears FitStudio

Tomorrow I will be guest hosting the #FitStudio chat from 7:30-8:30 Central. And on Friday, I along with other FitStudio bloggers will be hosting a special event at FitBloggin. If you are going, I hope you stop by and if not, please chat with us tomorrow and live tweet with us Friday night!


I totally know what you mean about online relationships. I've met people in real life for the first time, that's I've "known" online for a while, and it was like old friends meeting up and never skipping a beat! The online community in the fitness world is just simply amazing :) Have fun at fitbloggin, this is on my TO DO list next year for sure!
*Lissa* said…
Woo-hoooo! Can't wait to see you!
Kirsten said…
I didn't know you were coming!! Yay!
Dawn said…
Please give Kia a hug for me...she's a sweetheart! Have fun!
manda said…
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keyalus said…
I'm very excited (and nervous) about Fitbloggin. Definitely looking forward to meeting you (and Kia too!). How funny is it that I will travel all the way to Baltimore to meet some other Atlanta fitness bloggers for the first time!

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