We only have one....

Mother Earth. And this Friday is Earth Day! I've joined forces with my friends Emily and Cooper of The Motherhood to encourage you to participate in Be Kind 2 Earth Day

All you have to do is click on the link  above to visit the Facebook page and make a simple pledge to do something for the Earth on Friday. We plan on working on the garden here in the Cutie Booty household. Mekhi already has his shirt on and is ready to go! 

You can do something really easy like talk a walk to the store instead of driving the car. Or you can do something elaborate like organizing a community cleanup! Whatever you plan on doing please stop by the Be Kind 2 Earth Day page and let us know what you are doing. Georgia represent! (Other states too but you know I'm a Georgia peach!)


Mekhi is all grown! I hope to meet him one day. Happy Earth day!
HI Renee!

I am the editor of National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There campaign, which aims to get kids and parents excited about getting outside and unplugged. Just wanted to send a quick note to say a heart-felt (yet belated) thank you for being a state team leader with the B Kind 2 Earth day campaign last month!

We were so inspired by all the amazing ideas and fun conversations that came out of the campaign, which was designed by our dear friends Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann.

As the weather warms up all across the country, my coworkers and I are getting ready for The Great American Backyard Campout (www.backyardcampout.org). Let us know if you want to get involved and be one of our team leaders for this event!


Anne Keisman
Senior Associate Editor, Be Out There
Education Department
National Wildlife Federation
11100 Wildlife Center Drive
Reston, VA 20190
T: 703-438-6498
F: 703-438-6468

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