Walmart everyday low prices

Although I am not a "frugal" blogger, your girl Renee is a frugal shopper! I'm  happy to share with you the fact that Walmart has extended it's Everyday Low Prices Program and price match program. There are even more items available at Everyday Low Prices. I personally am drawn to the fruit and the Protein Shakes. I drink Protein Shakes everyday and the low price at Walmart can't be beat! I say that because even if I see a price lower in a circular or at a different store, I can let them know when I'm checking out and they will match the price! No circular needed! 

This is exciting for me because I don't have to roam store to store for the best prices on individual items, I can make Walmart my one stop! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and I was compensated for getting the word out about these policies at Walmart. 


Sheliza said…
Too bad Walmart doesn't have the decency to honor coupons for FREE items nor train their customer service people to explain it properly to the customer. I am normally a regular at Walmart but they have been slipping really bad lately. I will still shop there on occasion but will make other places that do fair business my regular stops.
YUMMommy said…
@Sheliza-Wow, you should report them because I've never had a problem with the WalMarts I shop at not honoring FREE coupons. In fact, WalMart recently changed their coupon policy so that they could attract more shoppers. I have recently discovered the lower and better prices of Target! And the now that Dollar General accepts manufactured coupons, I am going to be saving for real!!

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