Walmart Ad Match

If you haven't seen the commercials, you might not know this but Walmart is now matching competitors prices. I am usually not one to price match but I decided to get the Sunday paper and check out some sales. I am a Tide Sport girl (love that Febreeze scent in all my clothes, not just workout gear) and it was on sale at Publix. I went to Walmart and hoped that the price was higher so I could try out the Ad Match. Well, it was higher! Check out my video to see the results. 

You can read the full policy here and also print it out for reference. I had no problem at all getting my price matched but since this is a new policy, you never know if everyone is well trained. If you carry the policy with you at least you are fully covered. I'm just saying, you never know! 

Try it out at your Walmart, it was an amazing feeling to get a $1.00 off without having to travel to another store! 

And a big thank you to Brittani of the Gresham Road Walmart who kindly agreed to be on camera! 

Disclosure: I am a Walmart mom and was compensated for my time to make this video. All opinions are 100% my own.


L. Michelle said…
Did they do away with the policy at one time? Because I thought that this had always been the policy with their price match guarantee. They'll even take competitor store coupons! This is one of the things that I DO like about Wal-Mart! LOL

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