New Orleans, Mom 2.0 and I'm sure I'm forgetting something......

I sadly don’t have photos from all of my adventures in NOLA during the Mom 2.0 conference. But I’ll give you a few highlights and when I figure out where to find the Flickr Stream I’ll link it.

  • The Speakers dinner. Hands down the best get together ever. I had a chance to meet the men on my panel - yes, men. My panel was titled “Do Dad Bloggers want what Mom bloggers have?” I met Jim aka Bobblehead Dad (love you, you are truly an inspiration) and Ron of Clark Kent’s lunchbox (too cute and sarcastic for words- hope I didn’t drool too much when I first met him) and of course our lovely moderator Caleb (Kristin couldn't make the dinner but she completed our fabulous panel). Doug the illustrious organizer of the Dad blogging track was a hoot! It was a grand time, with good food and I got to talk to a ton of my blogging girlfriends in a super relaxed environment.

  • Riding the Street Car and exploring the Garden District and an above ground cemetary. One of the best tips I received before arriving was to take a Street Car Uptown. For the $1.50 trip you can see the sights for minimal money. If I’d planned better I would have downloaded a formal walking tour before I arrived.

  • Cafe du Monde - Beignets are donuts covered in powdered sugar, served with a piping hot cup of cafe au lait. I without shame will tell you that I ate all three of the beignets and enjoyed every moment. The people watching was good too. So good in fact, I stopped back in for more beignets with friends before I left NOLA.

  • The Maison D’ Orleans at The Ritz Carlton - can you say HEAVEN in a room? Or two? Thanks to the great people at Sunsweet I won the Dare 2 N’oir Mom 2.0 contest and was blessed with air transportation and lodging at the Ritz during Mom 2.0. I virtually lived in the lap of luxury. And believe me when I tell you, it was LUXURIOUS! There were five different food displays daily, drinks of all types available throughout the day and it seemed all of the staff had speciality drinks. Thanks Russell for the wonderful Bloody Marys and Tenalynn the French martini was divine!

  • The Voodoo Love Massage and Bath - I had two wonderful massages in the Ritz Spa. The second one was a do over of sorts - gotta love the Ritz, if they don’t get it right they first time they will make it right. I was surrounded by the scent of Voodoo love (supposedly developed by Voodoo priestess Marie LeVeau) and immersed in the most relaxing massage of my life. Literally. If you are in NOLA go to the Rita and have a massage by Scott. You will thank me! And thank you Body LogicMD for the spa gift certificate!

  • Lunch at Mother’s Restaurant - OMG! This cafeteria type restaurant will not disappoint. I lunched with several of my friends from BlogHer and we ate, and ate and ate! I had a shrimp po’boy -delicious and the piece de resistance? A huge piece of bread pudding. I can still taste it!

  • Run 2.0 - It is not often that I have a chance to run with my friends, we virtually encourage each other but this time we ran! I started out with Colleen of ClassyMommy and kept up for most of the way and then I ran with Whitney. It was a great time! I look forward to running with Marie and the team of Eat, Blog, Run in DC this year! Yeah, I’m going to run a relay with my blogging friends!

  • Spending Saturday evening with my friends (far too many to link too, but I love you all!) ...I can’t even explain the fun that was had in the Club Lounge. Suffice it to say, champagne was flowing, beignets were eaten and joy was shared by all!

  • Bourbon Street. Enough said. Here is a video clip.

Thank you and good night. I LOVE NOLA!!!!!


new orleans is one of my favorite cities..hands down.. cafe du monde the french quarters as a whole is divine.. i find mother's to be ok.. when i went it was really hot and way to busy for me.. glad you had a blast..
I see how it is - you don't want to link to us to ADMIT you were there Saturday night. HA!!! Just kidding.

OH GOD, was that not the BEST time EVER!?!??!
Jenijen said…
I had SO MUCH FUN hanging out with you - you totally made my trip! xo

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