Mother's Day Gifts

I'm generally not one to do a Mother's Day guide. Personally, I think Mothers should be celebrated every day because we have the most difficult job in the world - it is also the most rewarding, but difficult nonetheless. This year, as a Walmart mom I've been given the opportunity to highlight some things available at Walmart which are sure to make moms out there happy( well I know for sure I'd be happy to receive these gifts)!

I'm going to start with a simple gift but one I know I'd appreciate. Between running around chasing my son and running to keep in shape, my feet get a serious workout. There is nothing I love more than taking a relaxing bath and sadly it happens far less frequently than I would like.

A perfect gift for me would be a gift basket filled with my favorite me time essentials and a coupon for weekly alone time including at least one bath in my whirlpool tub. Just the thought of those jets on my tense muscles makes me swoon.

At Walmart there is an entire section devoted to making just this type of gift!  Of course I'd want my favorite body wash, Dove Go Fresh included in my basket.

And a nice bath puff

And finally some furry slippers to ease my feet into after my relaxing bath.

All of this things are conveniently located on one aisle specifically set up for Mother's Day!

The total cost for this gift? Under $20.00 but the gift of bubbles and me time? Priceless!

Disclosure: I'm a Walmart mom and have been compensated to write this post but all opines are 100% my own!


L. Michelle said…
What a very good and practical idea!!!!!! I am going to take note of this for my granny!
Very practical. I honestly hate to purchase bath puffs, which is ridiculous, but it would be very fun to get one as a gift.
Anonymous said…
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Hello Dude,

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Anonymous said…
What a good and practical idea for all the guy's......Here you tell us some information about mother's day gift's..... i love my mother .....
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