Although I generally don’t post movie reviews here on the main page of my blog, I loved HOP! so much that I just had to do it!  Hop is a visually stunning animated and live action film starting James Marsden and the voice of Russell Brand. As I mentioned earlier this week, I had the opportunity to preview the film and meet these lovely actors but honestly that was icing on the cake, I was already sold on the film.

Since having my son I’ve pretty much only been watching animated films and HOP! is at the top of the list. The story follows EB - a young rabbit who is next in line to be the Easter Bunny. He doesn’t want to follow in the family footsteps, he’d rather pursue a career as a drummer. 

He “bumps” into the Fred, a slacker who is trying to figure himself out. And the story follows their adventures together. The highlights of the film are many but I can’t speak highly enough of the animation scenes.

I was especially impressed with the soundtrack of the movie. It is so update, modern and really highlights the “talent” of EB. It is also extremely diverse and includes music ranging from the Blues to Pop. I especially appreciated that the story was one that could be enjoyed by viewers both young and old. My son is not likely to understand the coming of age aspect of the story line but it will appeal to older kids and even adults. This movie is one that can be enjoyed by all ages and I’ve recommended it to my mother - I told her it was worth seeing in the theaters. Now, if you know anything about my mom you’d know that it will take something truly outstanding for her to go to the theater and my humble opinion HOP is that film.

I cannot wait to return to Atlanta and take my son to see the film. He has been talking about EB and drums ever since I’ve returned from my preview trip. And when I gave him the EB stuffed animal he immediately said “this is the rabbit that poops jellybeans!” Yes, EB has that special talent and believe me, it is hilarious but just a small part of an extraordinary film.

In my review I don’t want to give away too much of the plot detail but with Russell Brand, James Marsden, Hank Azaria and Hugh Laurie, how could you possibly go wrong? Get out there and see it! What are you waiting for?

Disclosure: I went on a media junket to preview HOP in Los Angeles, my accommodations, travel and meals were all taken care of. It was an amazing experience! However, all of the opinions expressed are completely my own and were not influenced by the trip( as a matter of fact, doing a review wasn't even something I was asked to do!). 


Al_Pal said…
Very cool. I don't have kids, but had heard good things about Hop & considered seeing it. Will likely DVR it when it comes to HBO. :P

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