Sporty, Stinky and Stained!

As long as I can remember Tide has been a part of my life. I am a huge fan of Tide Sport with Febreeze (it truly helps keep my stinky running and workout clothes fresh) and I use it for all my laundry, not just clothes I work out in. When I was contacted to be a brand ambassador for Tide Stain Release I immediately said yes because, duh, I use the product and know it works! Although I only use stain release occasionally, at $3.99 for a ten pak it is a great product to have around to help combat stains like blood, chocolate sauce (not for me, I mean really, me and chocolate syrup? I’m the fitness lover! Ha!), grass stains and things like soy sauce.  If you are anything like me I’m sure you are a skeptic but seeing is believing so here is a video I made to demonstrate the power of Tide Stain Release.

It worked amazingly well! And although I did not think it was appropriate for a video for all the world to see, I have to tell you that I used it to get some special stains out of a pair of undies after a long run when my “special” monthly friend visited and it worked like a charm! Still not convinced? Well, you can test it out too!

On March 28th  the Tide Stain Release Challenge goes live and fans can receive samples of the product and be entered to win giveaways which include:

Weekly giveaways of 1 year of Tide Stain Release and Laundry Detergent
Ten Grand Prizes: Washer & Dryer set given away at the end of the challenge!

Now I know you are asking, how do I participate?
There are three easy ways and each one earns its own entry. Fans can:

1. Visit the Tide Stain Release Challenge tab on Tide’s Facebook page and click the “Take the Challenge” button. The first 100,000 registered participants will get a free sample for themselves, as well as three extras to share with Facebook friends, so they too can take the Challenge. Any registrants thereafter will receive a coupon for Tide Stain Release  

2. Increase their odds by sharing feedback (good or bad) about Tide Stain Release on the Challenge page, once they’ve tried it. Here, there’s also a chance to have feedback included in a Tide Stain Release advertisement!

3. Increase their chances of winning even more by taking a poll about Tide Stain Release on the Challenge page.

For more information visit and become a fan!

Disclosure: I am a Tide Ambassador and was material and/or payment for my participation. But all opinions are still 100% mine and I've been a loyal customer of Tide Sport since it has been on the market and it isn't part of this campaign. LOVE IT!


Al_Pal said…
I grew up with Tide and still use it sometimes, but I feel the need to warn you about Febreeze--the chemicals in that can be bad for us! Might even have an effect on your skin--I'd rec Tide Free instead.

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