Russell Brand and HOP!

Me and EB (Russell Brand incarnate) 
photos courtesy of Chris and Kristen photography

I admit that the things I have had the opportunity to experience as a blogger have truly been a blessing. This particular career is not one that I would have ever imagined for myself but I love it tremendously, not necessarily for the monetary compensation (although when it comes, it is welcome) but also for the experiences that I have been afforded.

Last week I participated in a media junket for the new movie, HOP! This live action and animated art film has a great line up of actors including James Madsen and the voices of superstars Russell Brand, Hank Azaria and Hugh Laurie. I’ll give you my thoughts about the movie later this week but today, I have to share the “experience” that is Russell Brand. Russell is the voice of the rabbit, EB who is next in line to become the Easter Bunny in the movie. EB would prefer to be a drummer and runs into Fred (played by James Madsen) an out of work slacker with his own set of lofty goals.

Needless to say, although we only hear his voice, the comedic timing of Russell Brand is impeccable and in person, let’s just say this man is not only a charmer but he is funny as hell! When asked about the experience of acting alone in a sound booth without co-stars he said:

“They stuck me in a booth and just left me in there! I was lonely. There were some carrots. They said it would help with the character. I don’t like carrots. I could see better though.”

And we learned that the recording of his voice took place before the animation and live action portion of the film which enabled him to have creative license:

“They animate to your voice, so that’s good because you can change things and make decisions. They show a script and then I always change it because then I feel that I have more ownership of it and I feel that it’s funnier. As a comedian, you have to be funny. Otherwise, they will take your card.”’

Apparently he loves mommy bloggers and wished that we were there - “What we should have had is we should have packed that booth with Mommy bloggers to give me something to do and an audience to play to.”

Russell was truly a joy to interview, we literally laughed the entire time we had with him and he clearly loved us. As we departed he gave us each a kiss. That sealed the deal. If I didn’t love Russell before the interview I certainly did at the end!  

Disclosure: My hotel, flight and meals for the media junket were provided by Universal. All opinions are 100% my own. 


Tamona said…
How awesome! Puts my little viewing to shame lol! I love Russell Brand, I couldn't wait to see what he did to you lol!
Carey said…
"He clearly loved us" -- that is my favorite synopsis of the interview so far!!!

So fun reading your post and remembering the great time we had!
Awww... so cute and so fun! That is definitely a perk of being a blogger. Glad to hear you had a good interview experience.
jane said…
OMG - SUPER jealous!! I love Russell Brand! And girl, you look fierce in those boots!
AmandaDufau said…
I don't know which I love more, that you got to preview HOP, or that you got to meet and chat with Russell Brand!

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